On This Day 4 Years Ago, Dodgers Hire Dave Roberts

On November 23, 2015, the Dodgers named Dave Roberts the next manager of the organization after it came down between him and Gabe Kapler. In 4 seasons with the Dodgers he has .606 win percentage with 393 wins and 256 losses. Andrew Friedman took a gamble by choosing someone with little managerial experience, but he wanted somebody who understood analytics and could think like him. It has paid off so far with the Dodgers winning 2 NL Pennants and 4 consecutive NL West titles under Dave Roberts watch. Friedman rewarded Roberts by giving in a 4 year extension after the 2018 season. He was named Manager of the Year in 2016 when he led an injury struck ball club to the postseason. He managed the team to a franchise record 106 wins in 2019.

Despite regular season success, Roberts has made some detrimental mistakes during these Dodgers postseason runs. The most recent being a Kershaw relief appearance in Game 5 of the NLDS that would ultimately be the difference. The 2020 season could be a big one for Roberts, it will be his 5th season as the Dodgers manager and Friedman’s 6th season as the President. This organization has set itself up to win the World Series for a few years, so now is the time for everything to finally come together.