Corey Seager’s Offensive Woes May Be Transferring Across the Diamond

Throughout the 2020 postseason and Opening Week 2021, Corey Seager was undoubtedly baseball’s best hitter. That has not been the case since, as he is sporting a .252 average since beginning the season above .700 after a four-game series against the Rockies. There have been a few bright spots along the way, highlighted by his two-run go ahead home run in the 12th inning against the Padres to lead the Dodgers to victory.

Corey Seager homers in the 12th inning as the Dodgers put up five runs in the frame to seal the win over the Padres.

He remains in the 2-spot in Dave Roberts’ lineup, but it is clear that his struggles offensively would not be as much of a concern if the team as an entirety had been producing more at the plate. It doesn’t help his case that he is directly in front of Justin Turner, who has been the squad’s best and most consistent hitter this year.

Even more noticeable as of late has been the lack of pristine defense at short, with a missed ground ball Tuesday against the Cubs that led to the shortest start of Clayton Kershaw’s storied career.

That was not the first the first time Seager’s defense has contributed to a Dodger loss, and it has unfortunately become a theme throughout the season. Stats don’t tell the whole story, as he has recorded only four errors in 30 games. However, those who watch the Dodgers nightly are well aware that his defense has lost a step, and they want answers as to why.

In addition, many are aware of Seager’s free agent status at the conclusion of the season. Staying healthy throughout the season before signing a long-term deal is imperative when it comes down to negotiations this upcoming winter, and there is no doubt that is at the top of Seager’s priorities. He has a history of injury, and already has had multiple procedures at the age of 27, including the Tommy John surgery that ended his 2018 campaign early in the season.

On the bright side, the upcoming homestand may prove to be helpful to Seager on both sides on the ball. Here’s to hoping that he gets back into MVP shape, and can help to turn a struggling Dodgers’ offense into the juggernaut we all know they are.

Photo Credit: Tom Pennington/Getty Images