David Freese Agrees to One Year Deal with Dodgers Worth $4.5M

Jon SooHoo/Los Angeles Dodgers

After moving the deadline for team/player contract options from Wednesday at 9:00pm PT to Friday at 1:00pm PT, the Dodgers have officially come to terms with David Freese, inking the veteran infielder to a one year, $4.5M dollar deal.

The Dodgers acquired David Freese from the Pittsburgh Pirates on August 31st at the Waiver Trade Deadline, bolstering their lineup and adding a veteran presence to pair with the now-retired Chase Utley.

In Freese’s contract details, a team option was given to the Dodgers this offseason; pick up Freese’s one-year option at $6M dollars, or buy him out at $500K. The Dodgers decided to buy out his deal, paying Freese $500K before signing him for one year under a new contract. Freese’s deal between both the option and the signing will cost the Dodgers $5M dollars this year.

David Freese played a crucial part in the Dodgers’ postseason efforts, slashing out a stellar .389 average in the postseason with six RBIs and a pair of home runs to his credit. Freese also batted .385 in forty-seven regular season plate appearances for the Dodgers, showing fans just how great he can be in both regular season games, and when the pressure is on the postseason.


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