Dodgers Cheated Out of Back-to-Back World Series Championships

Ken Rosenthal and Evan Drelich of The Athletic report that The Boston Red Sox used their video replay center as a method to steal opponent’s signs throughout the 2018 season and during the course of the 2018 World Series where they defeated* the Dodgers in 5 games. While this comes as a big disappointment, it shouldn’t be a big surprise because the Boston manager, Alex Cora, had already been cheating to get ahead while with the Astros. MLB is currently in the process of discipling the Astros for their actions throughout the 2017 season.

The Red Sox would send players down to the replay center to study signs and and share the information with their teammates. This was a forbidden practice issued by MLB.

“The runner would let the hitter know if he was aware of the sequence. “Put two feet on the bag or look out into center field, and do something that’s subtle,” as one Red Sox source described it.

The runner stepping off the bag with the right foot first could mean fastball; left foot first, a breaking ball or off-speed pitch.” – Yahoo Sports

If the Red Sox are confirmed to have used illegal technology, then not only were the Dodgers cheated out of 2 World Series titles, but “a good friend” in A.J. Hinch as well as a former Dodgers teammate in Alex Cora both cheated against their companion Dave Roberts.

As a die hard baseball fan, I am ashamed of what the sport has become. -Kevin Klein

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