Dodgers Give Qualifying Offers to Grandal, Ryu


The Dodgers’ front office announced this past week that impending free agents, Yasmani Grandal and Hyun-Jin Ryu, received qualifying offers from the Dodgers.

What is a qualifying offer?

A qualifying offer is essentially a one year contract that team’s can offer their impending free agents under these conditions:

  • The salary offered in the offer is equal to the mean of the MLB’s 125 highest-paid players
  • The player has never been given a qualifying offer before in their career
  • The player spent the entire previous season on the offering team’s roster

This season’s league-required qualifying offer salary is $17.9M, meaning should Grandal and/or Ryu accept their offer in the given time (10 days after the offer is proposed) they will make $17.9M from the Dodgers in 2019.

However, if either player were to decline their offer, the Dodgers would have the benefit of a receiving compensatory draft picks in the Rule 4 First-Year Player Draft. The position of this pick is determined by the payroll of the team that the player who rejects the offer signs with.

For Example: If Yasmani Grandal were to reject the qualifying offer presented by the Dodgers and signed with the Red Sox, who exceeded the luxury tax in 2018, the Dodgers would receive Boston’s second and fifth highest draft picks (2) in the 2019 Rule 4 Draft.

For Example: If Bryce Harper were to reject the qualifying offer presented by the Nationals and signed with the Dodgers, who were below the luxury tax in 2018, the Nationals would receive Los Angeles’ second highest draft pick (1) in the 2019 Rule 4 Draft.

The qualifying offers given to Yasmani Grandal and Hyun-Jin Ryu each will be decided before the end of this week.


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