Timmy Locastro – Headed Towards Home


“I can’t thank the Dodgers organization, my teammates and coaches enough. The opportunity and experiences I had were amazing and lifelong memories, but I’m stoked to start the next chapter of my career with the New York Yankees. Timmy Locastro

On Wednesday Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees completed a deal and swapped players. The Dodgers will receive right-handed pitching prospect Drew Finley from the Yankees, while the boys in blue will send super utility fielder Timmy Locastro off to the Bronx. Locastro, who was already becoming a fan favorite in Los Angeles due to his exploits on the base paths and with his unique ability to get hit by pitches. He will be missed, but now Locastro has an enormous opportunity in another organization. With the Dodgers, he was stifled by a plethora of talent at many positions ahead of him on the depth charts.

The Dodgers were nice enough to send Timmy Locastro back to his hometown and favorite team, the New York Yankees. The Dodgers now acquire a right-handed pitcher for the organization to work with, but they could have lost Timmy Locastro to the waiver wire and now the Dodgers get something back in return. This is not the first time the Dodgers Front Office has felt compelled to send a prospect closer to his home. Last season the Dodgers traded right-handed pitcher Adam Bray to his hometown Minnesota Twins. Both players now have new opportunities.


  Timmy Locastro grew up a Yankee fan, with that in mind, I asked him how he feels right now? “Yankees were my childhood team, I was a die-hard fan growing up.” Locastro continued,”It’s crazy just because I had no idea, it came as a complete surprise. First, you find out your traded which is crazy enough then to find out it’s to the Yankees, I couldn’t believe it. To be honest it really has not set in yet.” Interested to know how he found out about the transaction, The Dodgers informed me first I was traded then the Yankees called me about 30 minutes later and told me. I had just walked in the door from working out and was walking down the stairs to my basement when I got the first call from the Dodgers.

What Yankee fans should be most excited about for their new acquisition is not only the way Timmy Locastro plays the game, but it’s also the intangibles, along with the number of positions he plays. All Outfield positions, along with being a natural shortstop. The Ithaca Alum has also logged innings at First Base and Second Base. Tim Locastro steals bases, he gets hit by pitches, he hits behind the runner, he sacrifices his body to make the play for his team. He has all the factors that win ball games. What Locastro brings to the game does not always show up in a box-score. What can’t be quantified in analytics charts is hard work, hustle, determination and the heart of a champion. Timmy Locastro is a fierce competitor. He can do so many things on the baseball field that the Yankees need to compliment all of their star power. He can fill in at any position on the field for the Bronx Bombers.