Jeanie Buss Wants A Lakers/Dodgers Joint Parade Celebration

Los Angeles is once again the city of champions with both the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Dodgers bringing home an NBA title and a World Series title last month. For Lakers owner Jeanie Buss she would love to see a joint parade celebration in the streets of Los Angeles that would celebrate both franchises and their championships.

In a recent interview with Arash Markazi of the Los Angeles Times, the Lakers owner expressed how a joint celebration between the Lakers and the Dodgers would be a dream come true for her:
“My dream would be to have a co-parade with the World Champions Los Angeles Dodgers as well. And all the fans of Los Angeles could celebrate together, but not until it’s completely safe.”

Celebrations for both franchises are currently on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic so it is worth noting that Jeanie Buss would not sanction a parade if it is not “completely safe” or until protocols in the city of Los Angeles ease up a bit to allow people to gather and celebrate. Right now, however, there are strict social distancing measures in place in not only the city of Los Angeles but the state of California which means the chances of a parade happening anytime soon are slim.

For now Lakers fans and Dodgers fans are just going to have to continue to enjoy being champions and be at the ready for when we can all celebrate together.

Photo credit: Clutchpoints