MLB Insider: Friedman, Dodgers Like Rendon & Cole More Than Any Past Free Agents

MLB Insider Jeff Passan has continued to stoke the fire on the Anthony Rendon and Gerrit Cole to the Dodgers rumors.

“I don’t know that there have been free agents of that caliber since Andrew Friedman came to Los Angeles who the Dodgers have liked as much as they do Cole and Rendon,” Passan said on ESPN Radio Thursday morning.

Just a few days earlier Passan went on record predicting that the Dodgers will in fact sign Anthony Rendon to a very creative deal,

Now while this latest report does not offer a prediction in terms of Cole, it does offer insight into where the Dodgers stand on both  Cole and Rendon.

Earlier in the month, MLB Insider Jon Heyman predicted that the war for Gerrit Cole would come down to the Yankees and the Dodgers. 

In the words of Andrew Friedman, the team has “financial flexibility”, and if Passan’s sources are correct in that the Dodgers like Rendon and Cole more than any free agent in the past, this could, and I repeat, COULD, be the year the team opens up the checkbook to land one of the top two free agents.

The Dodgers certainly have strong links to Anthony Rendon, and with Cole expected to fetch north of $250 million, It’s probably more likely that between the two, Rendon has a better chance to end up in Dodger blue.

However, with the disappointing exit in the playoffs, the team’s financial flexibility, and multiple MLB insiders continuing to insist that the Dodgers are in on both, it would be naive to COMPLETELY rule either out at this point, even given the Dodgers history of shying away from big free agent contracts.

They certainly won’t land both Cole and Rendon, but landing one seems to be a real possibility according to multiple insiders.

After these reports, I’m cautiously optimistic.

One thing is for sure, the hot stove is already burning.

Photo Credit: USA Today Sports

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