Max Muncy

Muncy’s Scorching Start Attributed To Pristine Patience

A Time magazine article from 1969 once stated that, “The Devil himself was considered a southpaw, and he and other evil spirits were always conjured up by left-handed gestures.” Considering how left-handed hitting Max Muncy has been performing offensively this year, one could credit witchcraft.


While every baseball isn’t tattooed, he’s seeing pumpkins when he’s up to bat. He leads the best team in baseball with a .543 OBP and an incredible 10 BB in 11 games. His K percentage is among the top 9% in the league and BB walk percentage is among the top 3% in the league. His incredible patience at the plate is a key factor into why the Dodgers rank second in runs per game in the NL with 5.82. 

Watching him draw walks after going down 0-2 in the count is thrilling, but that doesn’t compare to a jimmy jack against the team who decided to toss him off the ship.

Holding a .500 OBP into July is akin to getting struck by lightning twice in the same day, but he could set a new single season high for that stat. In his breakout year in 2018 he posted a .391 OBP, and with the way he’s been tracking the ball this year, .400 shouldn’t be out of the question. 

Admittedly, he hasn’t faced incredible pitching thus far, so we will get a real sense of how great his vision is when the Dodgers face off against the Padres in San Diego for a 3 game series later this week. 

When Dodgers blogger Matt Weiner isn’t blabbering about the Dodgers, he’s studying University of Hawaii’s run and shoot offense from 2006.