New Baseball Proposal Reveals Three 10-Team Divisions

The latest MLB proposes starting the season in late June, while playing in home stadiums with a realigned league. Some MLB officials now believe that they can get the season started in late June and no later than July 2. Though allowing the teams to play games at their stadiums would be exciting, there is still no announcement as to when fans would be able to attend. For now the season is expected to begin with no audience.

The proposal would also eliminate the National and American League. There would three divisions that consist of 10 teams.

The 10 teams that would be in the Dodgers division, which would be known as the West are as followed:

  • Los Angeles Dodgers and Angels, San Francisco Giants, Oakland Athletics, San Diego Padres, Arizona Diamondbacks, Colorado Rockies, Texas Rangers, Houston Astros, Seattle Mariners

It’s also not known whether teams would have to open the season in Arizona, Florida and Texas for several weeks before everyone could return to their home stadiums.

The goal is to somehow manage to squeeze in 100-110 games. The new division format is certainly interesting and would make the postseason race different than we are accustomed to. Also worth noting that the Dodgers and Astros playing regular season games could be one of the most tense matchups we have seen in years.

-Kevin Klein

Twitter @Klein25