Optimism for 2020 MLB Season Grows as More Plans Get Laid Out

While there is still no vaccine for COVID-19, local governments around the country have made progress in strategizing on how to reopen their respective state. More MLB officials and players are optimistic that there will be a 2020 season. One thing fans must be willing to accept is that it may not resemble how the sport has been played for the last century. The commissioner Rob Manfred penned a letter expressing belief that there will be a 2020 season, but he has yet to reveal an exact start date for when the season could start. For now we are know that nearly every team will be paying their employees through May 31.

With every day passing it appears the beginning of July is the most realistic start date for the 2020 season, which would result in a condensed season of 80-100 games. The players would train in June and play potentially of 3 weeks of Spring Training to get back into shape. While there are a number of states looking to open back up in June, there would still be a number of teams facing restrictions.

Whether all 30 teams play in Arizona or the teams are split between Arizona, Florida, and potentially Texas this appears to be the best course of action to protect the players and the fans of any exposure to the virus. While it is certainly disappointing that there might be zero games played at Dodger Stadium during the regular season, it would be still be better to have baseball somewhere as opposed to nowhere. A shortened season would likely result in an expanded playoff format allowing more teams to have a chance to compete for the World Series trophy.