Power Rankings: Week 1

Welcome to DLD’s weekly Power Rankings. Power Rankings are not necessarily reflective of overall record, but who is playing the hottest and dominating most. Without further ado, let’s get after it.

30. Boston Red Sox

Talk about first to worst. The Red Sox look like they’re not experiencing World Series hangover, but instead full blown World Series liver damage, as they are still black-out drunk to start the season. I don’t expect them to sit here for much longer however, they simply just have too much talent not to overcome a brutal start to the season.

29. Baltimore Orioles

The Orioles started off the season with a pleasant series win over the Yankees in the Bronx. Unfortunately, that will go down as the highlight of their season. Since then, they have looked more like the Orioles, looking terrible in all aspects.

28. Cincinnati Reds

So much for their offseason reinforcements on the offensive side at least. Yasiel Puig is hitting .143 with an OPS of .379 and Matt Kemp is hitting .050 with an OPS of .100 and an OPS+ of -74. LOL. They can’t possibly get any worse right? Well, at least the pitching isn’t quite as atrocious.

27. Kansas City Royals

We’re not really surprised by this, right? The Royals have like three good players and one of them is down for the season. This team is the spitting image of the 2018 one that lost over 100. They look like they’re headed down the same path.

26. Colorado Rockies

Has Colorado’s offense been feeble or what? They look like someone with broken arms and legs, trying to survive a high tide. Arenado has been a non-factor, Story hasn’t done much and their best hitter, David Dahl, has the team on injury watch. Also, Charlie Blackmon is like the worst fielder ever.

25. Anaheim Angels

It’s been the Mike Trout show in Anaheim, as he hit, count em, FIVE home runs this weekend. Dude is an absolute unit. The rest of his team however, is pathetic. So far, they’ve been one of the worst offenses in all of baseball and their pitching is bottom third in all of baseball. Oh, and Trout’s stuck there for another 12 years. You hate to see it.

24. San Francisco Giants

The Giants are basically what we expected. A bad offensive team with decent pitching. They’re going to struggle to stay afloat in the NL West, as evidenced through their series against San Diego and Los Angeles.

23. Chicago White Sox

The White Sox have been a little below middle-of-the-pack to start the season, hence the 3-5 record. There is reason for optimism, as guys like Moncada and Anderson are off to blistering starts. The pitching hasn’t been too shabby either.

22. Miami Marlins

The Marlins suck, we already know that. They’re not likely to cross this threshold in the power rankings for another couple of years. Tell you what, pitching has been a pleasant surprise for the seven fans.

21. Toronto Blue Jays

Until the Blue Jays call up Big Daddy Vladdy, yes that is officially Vlad Jr.’s nickname, they are not going to move out of the 20s. They may as well just do what the Padres have done with Tatis Jr. I’d say it’s worked out pretty well for the Friars.

20. Texas Rangers

Ah Texas, gotta love em. Always got offense, never got pitching. That looks like the blueprint this season as well.

19. Chicago Cubs

To say the Cubs defense has been atrocious thus far would be an understatement. I’ve coached better defensive teams in Little League and all my parents out there know nothing is more maddening than watching those lil guys we all love so much. Just imagine that, but you have to spend actual money to watch it. That is what it’s like to be a fan of the not-so lovable losers.

18. Arizona Diamondbacks

Dodgers fans probably think the D-Ba… I mean Diamondbacks are the worst team in the league after that first series of the season. In reality, they’re just a mid tier team, the boys in blue are just that good. Adam Jones looks like an early candidate for best bang for your buck move over the winter.

17. Detroit Tigers

I cannot wait to move the Tigers further down this list, because they’re really going to be quite the jest this season. The offense has already shown just how awesome they are (sarcasm). However, the pitching has been one of the best to start the season. Not for long though.

16. St. Louis Cardinals

Can Goldy mash or what? Paul Goldschmidt has wasted no time finding his way into the hearts of Cardinals fans. Once this team starts pitching at the level we all know they are capable of, they are going to be just fine.

15. Cleveland Indians

The Indians have two good hitters; one of them is currently on the shelf and the other has gone AWOL on his team thus far. What do you get when you combine those two things? The second worst offense in all of baseball. Hey, at least they’re not the worst offense in Ohio, am I right?

14. Oakland Athletics.

Meh. That’s what I said they A’s were going to be at the beginning of the season, meh. They have been middle-of-the pack in both pitching and offense. Also, they need a new stadium ASAP.

13. San Diego Padres

Hey hey hey, here come the Padres. Okay maybe not, but I tip my cap to A.J. Preller for having the stones bring up Tatis and Paddack, instead of just waiting it out. He has been rewarded for it up to this point, with Tatis and Machado already forming a lethal left side of the infield for years to come.

12. Pittsburgh Pirates

First rule of fight club? Don’t throw at the back of the worst team in all of baseball. Come on now Chris Archer, you’re better than this. Eh, on second thought maybe not. But hey, those pillbox hats and yellow unis are no joke.

11. Minnesota Twins

zzz… ZZZ. Keep sleepin’ on em, keep hittin’ the snooze button. One of these days you’re gonna wake up and the Twins are gonna be right there. RIGHT UP IN YOUR GRILL.

10. Atlanta Braves

Not going to lie, I was a little nervous on behalf of the Braves to begin the season, following a season opening sweep at the hands of the Phillies. Since then, they’ve lost only one game, to the lowly Marlins. Sigh.

9. Washington Nationals

If these were the self-esteem Power Rankings based on public image and looking awesome socially, the Nats would rank dead last. Did you watch that series between them and the Phillies? Bryce Harper and the Philly faithful absolutely disgraced the nation’s capital.

The Nationals then responded with this doozy of a Tweet

Seriously, dude get over it. You were the reacher, they were the settler. It’s over, move on, you’re doing fine! Honestly bro, you’re kinda embarrassing.

8. Houston Astros

Just wait… just wait. In the meantime, ponder this one, where would Astros Twitter rank in Power Rankings?

7. Milwaukee Brewers

Don’t even bother trying to hit Josh Hader, he will just embarrass you. Too bad he can’t pitch every inning for Milwaukee. Oh, and Christian Yelich ain’t a fluke.

6. New York Mets

Although the offseason upgrades haven’t delivered much thus far, the young tandem of Alonso and McNeil finally give the Mets hope for a middle of the order in the future. The pitchers are lethal on the mound and in the batters box.


5. Tampa Bay Rays 

An impressive series opening win against the power house Houston Astros, followed up by series wins against both the Rockies and Giants is good enough to cement the Rays into the top five. They are firing on all cylinders right now, picking up right where they left off last year.

4. Seattle Mariners

If you were to tell me that I’d be putting the Mariners in the top five at any point this season, I’d ask you what you’re on. Well, here we are, Mariners in the four spot in my very own Power Rankings. Excuse me, I’m feeling a bit sick.

3. New York Yankees

When the Yankees lead off the season with a series losses to the Baltimore Orioles and Detroit Tigers, we all held our breath. With that being said, they are playing great baseball, much better than their record indicates. Oh, and everyone is on the IL to start the season. Just you wait.

2. Philadelphia Phillies

I think we all saw this coming. Philadelphia started off the season hot last year with much less talent, so it only makes sense that they’re scorching hot. Harper and Hoskins is the new Bryzzo and it looks like Maikel Franco has finally broken out of his two year slump. Just imagine how good this team is going to be once Segura and Realmuto actually get involved.

1. Los Angeles Dodgers

What can I say? The Dodgers look like men amongst boys. A +36 run differential to start the season, .991 team OPS and an 8-2 record is good enough to place the men (not boys) in blue atop the league. I don’t know what new hitting coach Robert Van Scoyoc is cookin’ up in the Dodgers club house, but whatever it is, he needs to keep it going. Might as well just give Cody Bellinger NL Player of the Month right now. Oh, Kershaw and Hill are still yet to pitch this season and the bullpen has been atrocious thus far. I pity any team who dares cross the Dodgers this season, especially once the bullpen starts doing what we all know it is capable of.

Ian Nielson has served as a writer and contributor for @DodgersLowDown since 2018. Follow him on twitter @ianenielson