Power Rankings: Week 3

Welcome to DLD’s weekly Power Rankings. Power Rankings are not necessarily reflective of overall record, but who is playing the hottest and dominating most. Without further ado, let’s get after it. It’s been a lil while since our last power rankings, and there is quite a shakeup in the leaderboard.

30. Miami Marlins: Down 8 Spots

Ah yes, welcome to the pit of misery Miami, dilly dilly. Expect them to cling onto this pot for quite a while.

29. Baltimore Orioles: No Movement

The only team in the power rankings whose spot remains unchanged. The only movement I see this team making is one spot below this one.

28. Detroit Tigers: Down 11 Spots

Alright, the Tigers magic carpet ride is over. It is pretty clear they are awful and not a sleeper this season. Although currently possessing a winning record, their pitching and offense is some of the worst in the league.

27. Chicago White Sox: Down 4 Spots

Back to back AL Central teams, great division huh? Looks like another year of playing the role as lil brother on the south side.

26. San Francisco Giants: Down 2 Spots

The Giants rank dead last in team OPS and their pitching isn’t much better. San Franciscans are in for a brutal summer.

25. Boston Red Sox: Up 5 Spots

After placing the Red Sox 30th in the the power rankings to open the season, I expected that I’d bump them up at least 10 spots the next time. The Sox are still scuffling, others are just making them look better. Nevertheless, 25 for a reigning champion with postseason aspirations is not good enough. Boston better clean up their act quickly, and the loss of World Series hero Nathan Eovaldi does not help.

24. Anaheim Angels: Up 1 Spot

Or as they should more appropriately be named, the Mike Trouts, of Anaheim. Because they play in Anaheim, not Los Angeles.

23. Kansas City Royals: Up 4 Spots

What? No! The Royals, above the Red Sox? Yes. Despite having the worst record in the American League, the Royals are middle of the pack in both pitching and offense. Again, we look beyond the records here, and the Royals haven’t been atrocious, just unlucky.

22. San Diego Padres: Down 9 Spots

The Manny Machado contract is not looking great right now. However, Tatis Jr. and Paddack should encourage San Diegians, as they’re early favorites for NL Rookie of the Year.

21. Oakland Athletics: Down 7 Spots

It’s hard to be good when your pitching is porous. That’s been the story of Oakland’s season thus far, mid tier offense and bad pitching. What’s that a recipe for? A long season.

20. Cleveland Indians: Down 5 Spots

FOUR TEAMS. Four AL Central teams in the bottom third of the power rankings, atrocious, just like the Indians offense. The return of Francisco Lindor should serve as a boost to the lineup, but if Jose Ramirez continues to be a non-factor, the Tribes run in the AL Central will come to an abrupt end.

19. Toronto Blue Jays: Up 2 Spots

Just waiting for Vlad Jr…

18. Cincinnati Reds: Up 10 Spots

One of our biggest risers in the power rankings, the Reds have begun to show why so many had them pegged as a sleeper.

17. Colorado Rockies: Up 9 Spots

Over the last two weeks, the Rockies rank number one in team pitching WAR. Once again, Bud Black has these guys doing their thing despite playing in one of the worst pitching parks. The offense is on its way.

16. Pittsburgh Pirates: Down 4 Spots

I’m not buying this team. I don’t care what their record is, they have a positive run differential of only one, and their lineup is lackluster.

15. Arizona Diamondbacks: Up 3 Spots

The Diamondbacks lost most of their core this winter, but don’t tell them that. With a winning record, this team is not just lucky, they are really playing well. Slightly above average in the offensive department and slightly below average in the pitching department, this team is very middle-of-the-packy, but perhaps, just maybe, they are a sleeper.

14. New York Mets: Down 8 Spots

The Mets lineup has carried them through the season thus far, not a good sign. For years, it has been clear this team is built on pitching. Right now, they possess one of MLB’s worst starting rotations. If they don’t get it together quick, they will only free fall deeper.

13. Texas Rangers: Up 7 Spots

I’m not shocked with how well Texas has played thus far. Their lineup is no joke, and like all teams with good offense and poor pitching, the beginning of the season is a glorious time. I’m still underwhelmed with the pitching however.

12. Philadelphia Phillies: Down 9 Spots

I’m still a fan of the Phillies lineup, but their pitching does not match that of a playoff team. Outside of Nola and Arrieta, the rotation lacks depth and talent.

11. Milwaukee Brewers: Down 4 Spots

Joe Davis put it perfectly when he said that the Brewers’ weakened bullpen is exposing the starting rotation. With much of last year’s bullpen gone in one way or another, it looks as though teams have figured out Hader. Things are about to get really ugly in Milwaukee.

10. Washington Nationals: Down 1 Spot

The Nationals lost Bryce Harper? Can’t tell, the offense looks as good as ever. Not to mention, Soto and Robles haven’t really gotten going yet. Imagine the fireworks…

9. Atlanta Braves: Up 1 Spot

Two division rivals, the Nationals and Braves swapped spots in the power rankings. I wouldn’t be surprised to see that carry over to the standings.

8. Seattle Mariners: Down 4 Spots

The Mariners are just hanging around the top ten due in large part to their blistering hot start.

7. Chicago Cubs: Up 12 Spots

T’was only a matter of time until a team with this much offense and an above average starting rotation finds itself in the top 10.

6. New York Yankees: Down 4 Spots

I just can’t put a team with so many injuries in the top five, even with as well they’ve played.

5. Los Angeles Dodgers: Down 4 Spots

Well, our opening week number one has lost its crown for the time being. The rotation and bullpen have shown that despite being above average, they’re not invincible. Same goes for the lineup. I don’t expect them to slip below this spot throughout the season, though.

4. St. Louis Cardinals: Up 12 Spots

How about the St. Louis Cardinals? Have they been incredible or what? Winning 12 of their last 16, they have dominated teams like the Dodgers, Brewers and Mets. Just wait until the easy wins come.

3. Tampa Bay Rays: Up 2 Spots

Another “sleeper” pick by many, it seems as if the Rays opponents are the only ones sleeping. With an MLB best plus +27 run differential over the last couple weeks, Tampa Bay is beating up on anyone who dares come their way.

2. Minnesota Twins: Up 9 Spots

It is with great honor I present to you my preseason sleeper pick, the Minnesota Twins. The Twins are firing on all cylinders, with a team OPS behind only the Seattle Mariners and a team pWAR in the top five, en route to nice little early season lead in the AL Central.

1. Houston Astros: Up 7 Spots

Bow down everybody, we have a new heir to the throne. Okay, it was only a matter of time. After a 10 game winning streak, the Stros have cooled off a bit, but they are still a force to be reckoned with, with a lineup, rotation and bullpen that any team would dream to posses.