Rumors: Dodgers Reportedly to Give Mookie Betts Biggest Contract in MLB History

Update, 11:13 a.m.: MLB Network’s Jon Heyman says that the actual amount could be 12-years at $350 million, or $29.16 million per season, matching the length of Mike Trout’s 12-year contract with the Angels, which is paying him $430 million. Sounds like a bargain for one of the game’s best and brightest players. Deal should be announced soon.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are nearing a contract extension with outfielder Mookie Betts that reportedly will keep him in a Dodger uniform for 13 years at a cost of $380 million, or roughly $29.23 million/season as reported by ESPN MLB Insider Jeff Passan on Twitter:

The report follows up the leak from this morning by WEEI’s Lou Merloni, who said that Betts was nearing a deal with the Dodgers.

Betts, 27, would receive a contract that beats the one given to outfielder Bryce Harper by the Phillies last February for 13-years/$330 million, or $25 million per year.

Other big contracts given out in the past include:

  • Gerrit Cole, Yankees (9-years/$324 million, $36 million/year in 2020)
  • Manny Machado, Padres (10-years/$300 million, $30 million/year in 2019)
  • Alex Rodriguez, Yankees (10-years/$275 million, $27.5 million/year in 2008)
  • Alex Rodriguez, Rangers (10-years/$252 million, $25.2 million/year in 2001)

Betts turns 28 on October 7, which means that 13 years from today he will be 40 years old and perhaps ready to call it a career.

Stay tuned for more breaking news concerning Mookie Betts and a contract extension with the Dodgers.