Strangest play in Dodger’s Opening Day history

Orlando Hudson hitting for the cycle or Kershaw’s shutout and home run are the usual topics of discussion for Dodger fans when Opening Day comes around. Just some perfect annual tidbits to pass along in conversation on the couch. But as of right now those moments are specs of sand compared to an ocean after this moment right here.

Nostradamus under the influence of the pill in Limitless couldn’t have predicted this one. This is such an idiosyncratic situation that I don’t know if you could point a finger at Turner or Bellinger. 

The ball was clearly in Raimel Tapia’s glove, but the momentum of it spanking against the wall caused it to pop out and drop over. Both Turner and Bellinger had no possible way of seeing it fall over the fence so you can’t blame them for treating it like a caught ball. 

Blame should fall solely on the umpires right here. How were Bellinger and Turner supposed to have any clue of what to do if no call was made? You either rule it out, send it to New York and reverse the call to a home run, or you call it a homerun and everything stands as is. What really has my blood boiling is how dumbfounded they looked after it. Just birds on a wire with no clue in the world.

The only thing that makes sense about this is that Cody Bellinger was the catalyst for this chaos. The Bill Walton of baseball does something that could only occur in some galaxy drenched in psilocybin. Things in 2021 are only bound to get weirder from here on out.