Updates On Dodger Stadium Renovations From Our Tour With Team Officials

The Los Angeles Dodgers will be the home for the All-Star game this 2020 season, meaning that players and fans from all over the country will be coming to Chavez Ravine this summer. Therefore, what better time for renovating this park than now?

Seven months ago, during the All-Star Logo reveal, it was also made public that a lot of structural changes were going to be made to the stadium during the off-season. Fast forward to today, where we are less than a month away from Opening Day and the question is: Will all the renovations be ready by March 26th?

Today we had the opportunity to take a closer look at the renovations, here is a recap of details provided by the Senior Vice President of Planning and Development Janet Marie Smith.

– Homerun seats will be barstools
– The deck at the top of the pavilion will accommodate ADA sitting, will have standing room, and a physical connection to the stadium
– There will be 5 new glass elevators so you can see the inside of the park as you ride them.
– The stadium will also feature 4 new escalators that will take fans from Reserve to Clubhouse level
– Entrance gates will be extended, however parking spaces will not be lost. Simply put, parking will be relocated and this will put it closer to the entrance gates
– Added sponsors for food and games
– There will be two columns for the sound system which ensures better sound quality throughout the park and at the same time takes the neighbors into consideration.

All of these renovations can ensure that those sitting in the outfield have a premium experience and can count on amenities similar to those found in the top deck. These changes also establish social fluidity without taking away the uniqueness of Dodger Stadium. However, although we are excited for all the changes and additions, a few questions still remain. Will these renovations add or reduce seating? The answer is neither, since 1962 Dodger Stadium has been able to sit 56,000 fans and that will still be the case after these renovations. Every ticket will have a seat assigned but the difference this season, will be that standing room is not assigned so anyone with a ticket can go and enjoy the shade!

The engineers, contractors, and architects who are currently working on this huge project have previously worked on many renovations which include places like City Walk and Fenway Park, so we know Dodger Stadium is in good hands. The renovations however will not be complete by the Freeway Series which begins March 23rd, therefore if you are a fan who would like to attend please note that seating in centerfield or pavilion will not be available.

This then brings the final and most important question, will the stadium be ready by opening day which is only 3 days later? The hope is that everything is completed by March 26th, but the most important thing to accomplish is that all fans can be ensured a fun and safe time on opening day regardless of the status of these renovations. The ultimate goal is that all these changes can bring upon enjoyment for all fans during this season and all the seasons to come.